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The EPA has created the Clean Power Plan that has put the coal fired power plants in a tough situation. The CO2 reduction requirements would have them emitting amounts into the atmosphere similar to a natural gas power plant.
As a response the utilities have started shutting down the oldest coal power plants across America. Some power plants will be shutting generators down to reduce the sites overall emissions.
There are coal power plants that have natural gas in their vicinity that will be converted.

America needs to create a lot of electricity if we are going to maintain the lifestyle we are accustomed too. We also have over 200 years of coal available to help America produce this electricity. The challenge the EPA gave this industry is how to reduce their emissions.
The Department of Energy has been working to develop the technology Carbon Capture Sequestration. In this process the CO2 is "stripped" out of the exhaust and then is compressed and put into a pipe line that will transport it to a location where it again will be pumped into a rock formation thousands of feet below the surface. To ensure this CO2 does not leak out it will be forever monitored.

The fossil fuels, coal and oil and natural gas have since the industrial revolution been America's electricity generating fuels. The fuel would be combusted to create steam that would turn a turbine, and then would go up big tall chimneys where it would be vented into the atmosphere. It is still being done that way today.
This exhaust is considered to be a lot of wasted energy, but a necessary part of the process.

The team at Sidel Global looked at this combusted exhaust as a series of products without a purpose, so it created a purpose for these components. Today with our technologies put into place, America's coal fired power plants will be able to operate in compliance with the EPA's Regulations more efficiently.

Today there are a lot of coal power plants that use the technology of Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) to remove the ash particulate. This technology works but consumes a lot of the electricity that the power plant produces to remove this particulate. Sidel has developed and patented an Ash Particulate Removal System that will operate at a fraction of the cost. This means that more of the produced electricity will be put into the grid = Profit for the utility.

Sidel also developed and patented a Carbon Capture Utilization System that will transform the CO2 in the combusted exhaust into useful - saleable products such as calcium carbonate and first stage bio fuel.
The technology (CCS) Carbon Capture Sequestration is a technology approved by the US Department of Energy, but this technology is proving to be yet very expensive.

In combusted coal is a lot of flue gas condensate and this water is "created when the heat energy is removed from the exhaust. This water needs to be collected as it is becoming a precious commodity.

Sidel Systems USA Inc. has been doing Condensing flue gas heat recovery for commercial buildings and industry for over 30 years. This technology removes the heat energy that is in the combusted exhaust, making this recovered heat energy available to be used back inside the building or facility or to be used for another purpose.

Alongside a lot of America's power plants is available land. Sidel Global Environmental has the desire to see recovered the heat energy and CO2 and water be utilized into producing other products.
Commercial greenhouses can be heated and or cooled with the heat energy recovered from the combusted exhaust. Inside these greenhouses aquaponics and hydroponics can be applied to grow fish and food products. Many more jobs will be created, and the world will never have too much food being produced.